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Smiling Art Studio
By kelli

I just wanted to tell people a little something about myself and how Smiling Art
Studio came about. I have never taken an art class, not even in high school. Close to
about three years ago, I began dating a young man whom is a painter, might I say a
fabulous artist! He and I had a lot of things in common, well in the regions of
creativity. See I am a self-taught photographer and he is a brilliant painter.
One night after dinner as we shared a bottle of wine, he began sketching, like he
always did. I remember him looking over at me and asking me if I could draw
anything…..there was silence. I laughed and replied, "No, unless you like stick
figures, ha ha ha!" He kept on asking was persistence,
claiming that we all can doodle something. I finally grabbed the pencil from him
and began doodling this silly little rabbit that I remember drawing since I was about
4 years of age. After I was finished with my creation, I said to him, "This is all I can
draw!" Surprising to me he replied, "Your rabbit is classic, I love him!"
That following weekend I was at the art supply store fetching some frame supplies
for my photographs when I noticed that there was paint on sale……next I saw that the
canvases were buy one, get the next for a penny………was this a calling for me or
After my purchase, I hurried for home and sketched my silly rabbit on the canvas.
Before I knew it, I was mixing colors and painting like I had an idea of what I was
really doing. Two hours had past when my, first of many paintings to come,
painting was complete. I immediately phoned my friend to take my masterpiece to
show her. When I arrived she was amazed that I did a really good job for not knowing
what I was doing. About the time I got comfortable at her house, my boyfriend
phoned to invite me to have lunch with him…..well of course I left with excitement.
When I arrived at his place of work….I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to hide
the fresh paint smell in my truck, so I had to show him my masterpiece right
then….I didn’t really think I could have waited until after dinner anyway. Well, he
absolutely loved it!
Since that first painting in July of 2003 I have been using my imagination to put
smiles on faces of people both young and old. I hope that everyone that views my
artwork likes it as much as I do.
What I have learned is that somewhere deep inside all of us there are hidden talents
that just wait to be discovered. Enjoy my artwork, have FUN, and most of all
SMILE……that is what it is all about!

NOTE: My goals for my artwork is to be able to help needy children in some
fashion….that is through a foundation, a charity, or some organization.